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When Joseph Moore died in 1849, named in his will the following year were his grandchildren, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah and William Bishop.  Joseph Moore was buried ‘along with his daughter and son in law’ at Franklin Village Cemetery, Tasmania.

joseph moore franklin village
The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, TAS), Saturday 10 November 1849.

And so commenced the search for Joseph’s daughter (Moore) and her husband (Bishop). Who were they?!

Their death and burial records do not appear to have survived, births of their children are just as elusive, and ‘verifying’ who the Bishop siblings married, where they lived and when they died proved a challenge. Sarah Bishop appeared to vanish, Joseph and Samuel had no parents recorded at death, and William remains a work in progress (it’s a popular name!).

In the end Sarah turned out to be the key. While known as Sarah, she married as Frances Bishop, and her death in 1869 provided a valuable clue – parents named as Frances Moore and Joseph Bishop.



But is it really them, or did the informant get it wrong?

Throwing a spanner into the works is Joseph Moore himself.  Joseph was from Leicestershire, England, and arrived as a convict in 1817.  In 1815 and 1816, a Joseph Moore of Whitwick is mentioned in Leicestershire newspapers as having ‘stolen geese’.

Leicester Chronicle 30 Dec 1815 p4
Leicester Chronicle, 30 December 1815, p.4

We know that our Joseph Moore had a son, also Joseph, born about 1813 who later joined him in Franklin Village.[1]

We also know from his death notice that he had a daughter.

If this is the same person, it’s likely that the two baptisms of Joseph Moore and Mary Ann Moore in Whitwick, Leicestershire in 1816 were his children (possibly baptised together as their father was about to be transported).

Baptism Moore Whitwick 1816

We also know that Joseph Moore’s grandson, Joseph Bishop, was born c1833.  In 1834, a Joseph Bishop was baptised to parents Thomas Bishop and Mary in Whitwick.

Baptism (Index only) via
Baptism (Index only) via


So we have two possible parents’ names – Joseph Bishop and Frances Moore…or Thomas Bishop and Mary Ann Moore.

But which is correct?

That we don’t yet know for sure, but in the process of trying to break through the ‘stump’ of the Bishop siblings – grandchildren of Joseph Moore – more about their lives was discovered.

Joseph Bishop

Joseph Bishop was born c1833 and married Mary Ann Graham on 17 January 1854 in Launceston, Tasmania.[2] Mary Ann’s surname at the time of marriage was ‘Sutcliffe’, and while the record makes no mention of her status, it appears that she was either a young Widow or no longer with her husband. In 1861, a Maria Sutcliffe, aged 10, is reported in the Launceston Examiner as the Ward of Joseph Bishop – likely to be Mary Ann’s child with her first husband.[3]

Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Graham’s first child, Joseph Thomas Bishop, was born in 1855 in Launceston, Tasmania.[4] The couple continued to live there, with Joseph running a store (or cart) from at least 1857. In 1862 however, he had moved the business to Kings Meadows.[5]

It appears that shortly after this, Joseph decided to follow in the footsteps of his Grandfather and Uncle (who were both licensees of the Rose and Crown Inn at Franklin Village during the 1840s), and moved from selling goods to selling alcohol. Unfortunately it was short-lived, and his stint as a Licensed Victualler of The Swan Inn, Kings Meadows, ended in 1863 after being made insolvent. The business that Joseph had built over the years was gone.

The family continued to live in the Young Town area, and in 1868 were at Franklin Village renting a house ‘under 1 acre, annual value 20 pounds’ from Richard Chugg.[6] Following this, Joseph and Mary Ann moved back to Launceston, where Joseph spent his remaining years working as a Carter.[7]

Joseph Bishop died aged 39 at Frankland Street, Launceston on 11 August 1872 of Phthisis (Tuberculosis).[8]

Mary Ann Bishop remarried as a Widow to Frank White on 13 January 1884 in Launceston.[9] She died ‘at her residence, 153 St John Street’ (Launceston) on 18 August 1918 and was buried at Carr Villa Cemetery.[10]

Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Graham

Samuel Bishop

Samuel Bishop was born c1835 in Port Phillip, Australia.[11] Sam Bishop married Maria Tattersall, a Widow, on 1 May 1860 in Launceston, Tasmania.[12] One of the witnesses to the marriage was possibly Samuel’s sister in law, Maryann Bishop.[13]

Along with the Moore and Bishop families, the Tattersalls were also living in Franklin Village, and it may have been here that Sam and Maria met.[14]

Shortly after their marriage the couple moved to Maryborough, Victoria, where their first daughter, Fanny Margaret Bishop was born in 1862.[15]

Samuel and Maria remained there, adding to their growing family. Samuel’s sister, Frances (Sarah), had also moved to Maryborough by 1861, and when she died in 1867, Samuel was a witness to the burial at Norwood.

Samuel Bishop died of ‘fever 4 days’ in Maryborough on 17 January 1873.[16]

Following his death, Maria remarried to Frederick George Moore on 13 August 1875 in Castlemaine, Victoria. She died on 16 June 1890 in Brunswick, Victoria.

Samuel Bishop and Maria Tattersall

Frances Sarah Bishop

(also known as Sarah)

Frances Bishop was born c1836, and married George Randall on 10 November 1851 in White Hills, Tasmania.[17]

Their first child, Sarah Ann Randall, was born in 1852, but sadly died aged only 16 months of Croup.[18] From 1853 the couple was living at Bathurst Street, Launceston, and George was employed as a Miller.[19] Following the deaths of their other two infant children, Frances and George relocated to Victoria, where Henry George Randall was born in 1857.[20]

By the time of Samuel Thomas Randall’s birth in 1861, they were living in Maryborough, Victoria.[21] Perhaps they moved there to be near Samuel Bishop and his family?

Like her two brothers, Joseph and Samuel Bishop, Frances also died at a young age. She was only 32 when she died at Norwood, Victoria on 14 March 1867.[22]

Frances Bishop and George Randall

William Bishop

When John Moore, son of Joseph Moore Jnr, died in 1887, the death notice advised that it occurred ‘at the residence of William Bishop, Young Town’. [23]  A William Bishop, blacksmith of Young Town is mentioned in newspaper reports from 1890 (doing work in White Hills and Young Town, then later in Launceston).[24]

Was he the grandson of Joseph Moore?  Maybe.

When he married Eliza Rowley (nee Clayton) as a Widower in 1907, William’s father’s name was given as Thomas Bishop.

Eliza died only eight days later and was buried at Franklin Village. William Bishop remarried to Catherine McLoughlin (a widow) in 1914.  They both died in 1918 – Joseph at the age of 80 – and are buried together at Carr Villa Cemetery.

William Bishop


Sources and Explanations

Named in the will were Joseph Moore’s widow, children – Joseph Moore ‘the elder’, Thomas Moore, Joseph Moore and Sarah Ann Moore – along with grandchildren – Joseph Bishop, Samuel Bishop, William Bishop and Sarah Bishop.  Included in the inheritance was land ‘in trust’ at Launceston.  TAHO, AD960/1/3 Wills, Tasmania 1850/381, p.80 Joseph Moore. 

[1] Joseph Moore ‘the elder’, Licensed Victualler of Franklin Village, was named as a son in Joseph Moore’s Will in 1850.  It’s possible that he arrived in 1836 with his sister and her husband.  On the 17th May, 1836, A Mr. & Mrs. Bishop and a Mr. Moore arrived at Launceston, on “The Lotus”, from England (The Cornwall Chronicle, 21 May 1836).  When Joseph Jnr died, it was only hours prior to his younger half-brother’s death – also named Joseph. According to the death notice, the Moore brothers died on 19 and 20 December 1851 respectively (The Cornwell Chronicle, Saturday 20 December 1851).

[2] TAHO, RGD37/1/13 Marriages, Launceston 1854/904 Joseph Bishop & Mary Ann Sutcliffe.

Thomas Moore and Sarah Ann Yates – two of Joseph Moore’s children – were witnesses to the marriage of Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Sutcliffe (Sarah Ann Moore married William Yates in 1851).

[3] Launceston Examiner Thursday 7 February 1861, p3 (Joseph Bishop, Ward of Maria Sutcliffe).

[4] Joseph Thomas Bishop was born at Wellington Street, which coincidentally, was the location of land left ‘in trust’ to the children/ grandchildren of Joseph Moore in his Will.

[5] Joseph Bishop’s occupation in 1857 was Dealer on the birth of daughter, Mary Ann. In 1860 when Sophia Frances Bishop was born it was Hawker, and in 1862 when George William Bishop was baptised, Joseph’s occupation was a Dealer at Kings Meadows. ‘Dealer’ generally indicated a store or shop, while a Hawker required a license to sell goods from a cart (note: someone operating a shop and selling goods in a cart would require a Hawker’s license).

Joseph Bishop of Young Town’s insolvency was reported in the Cornwell Chronicle and Launceston Examiner in September 1863. The Swan Inn was located at Kings Meadows, and later mentioned when an application by Mr Hobkirk ‘an assignee in the insolvent estate of Joseph Bishop of Young Town’ was made to continue to sell liquors under the license (Launceston Examiner, Tuesday 3 November 1863).

[6] Valuation Rolls for the District of Selby 1868-1873. Property of the same description as that occupied by Joseph Bishop in 1868 was later occupied by William Bishop from 1870 (ie under 1 acre, annual value 20 pounds, owned by Richard Chugg).

[7] On the births of Alfred Ernest Bishop in 1870 and Edith Amy Bishop in 1872, Joseph’s occupation was Carter at Launceston.

[8] TAHO, RGD35/1/41 Death, Launceston 1872/1840 Joseph Bishop. Joseph’s occupation was listed as a Carter.

[9] When Henry Herbert Bishop died in 1924, his death notice named him as the ‘fourth son of the late Joseph Bishop of Franklin Village, and late Mary Ann White, of St John Street’. While a birth record for Henry is yet to be located, the death notice also lists his siblings, including sisters M. Wright, F.McKee and A. Johnson (ie Mary Ann, Sophia Frances, and Edith Amy Bishop, daughters of Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Graham).

The birth date of Joseph Thomas Bishop in 1855 (ie shortly after the marriage in 1854), reference to Franklin Village at the death of Henry Herbert Bishop, and timing of occupations on births of children further supports that Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Sutcliffe / Joseph Bishop and Mary Ann Graham are likely the same couple.

[10] Daily Telegraph (Launceston Tas), Monday 19 August 1918 (Death Mary Ann White).

Mary Ann White died at 153 St John Street. This was also the address (on electoral rolls) of George William Bishop in 1914 and 1919, and Percy William Bishop in 1914. The Carr Villa records show that Mary Ann White, aged 80 and late of St John Street was buried at Carr Villa Cemetery, Block C, 400. Irvine Henry Francis Bishop (son of Henry Herbert), died aged 12 on 22 Nov 1918 and was buried in an adjoining grave (C, 401).

[11] A newspaper notice placed by Joseph Bishop in 1851 advised that his brother Samuel was born at Port Phillip, and was 16 at the time (ie in 1851). Based on this, Samuel’s birth year was likely c1835. The notice can be seen here. The news ‘greatly to his advantage’ mentioned within this is possibly in reference to the Will of Joseph Solomon who died 19 May 1851 (also see note 22). The link to the Solomon and Moore/Bishop families is currently unknown.

The unconfirmed arrival for ‘Mr and Mrs Bishop & Mr Moore’ to Tasmania in 1836 on the Lotus could be his parents and Uncle. Perhaps Samuel was born on the journey to Australia from England?

[12] TAHO, RGD37/1/19 Marriage, Launceston 1860/387 Sam Bishop & Maria Tattersall.

[13] Maryann Bishop signed her name with a mark when witnessing Sam and Maria’s marriage. Joseph Bishop’s wife Mary Ann (nee Graham) was also illiterate, signing her name with a mark at marriage, and when registering the births of her children. While not conclusive that the witness was her, it is a good possibility.

[14] Maria Tattersall’s parents were buried at Franklin Village (John 1879, Sarah 1884), and her brother John appears on the Selby Valuation Rolls occupying property at Franklin Village.

[15] VIC Births (Index), Maryborough, 1862/15583 Fanny Margaret Bishop.

[16] VIC Deaths, Maryborough, 1873/1523 Samuel Bishop.

[17] TAHO, RGD37/1/10 Marriage, Morven 1851/847 George Randall & Frances Bishop.

According to the record Frances was ‘under age’ and George ‘full age’. Based on approximate year of birth and age at death, Sarah (Frances) Bishop would have been 16 at the time of marriage.

At the death of Kate Dooly (nee Randall) in 1883, her parents are named as George Randall and Sarah Bishop. Perhaps Sarah was a middle name, but what she was known by to family and friends?

[18] TAHO, RGD35/1/22 Death, Launceston 1853/880 Sarah Ann Randall.

[19] Details from the births of their two children, born Launceston. TAHO, RDG33/1/31 Birth, Launceston 1853/429 Male Randall; TAHO, RDG33/1/32 Birth, Launceston 1854/663 Patience Ann Frances Randall.

[20] TAHO, RGD35/1/24 Death, Launceston 1855/1671 Patience Ann Frances Randall. VIC Births (Index), Bendigo 1857/3458 Henry George Randall.

[21] VIC Births (Index), Maryborough 1861/17032 Samuel Thomas Randall.

Frances and George Randall were living at Maryborough in 1861 – the same place as Samuel Bishop.

[22] VIC Deaths, Maryborough 1867/2374 Frances Randall.

The death record states that she was aged 32, born Launceston; mother Frances Moore; father Joseph Bishop. Also according to the record Frances was buried at Norwood on 15 March, and Samuel Bishop was witness to the burial.

Further supporting that Sarah Bishop and Frances Bishop were the same person is information from Joseph Solomon’s estate (who died in 1851). In 1872 a notice appears in The Mercury newspaper regarding land ‘originally located to Joseph Solomon’. Those named as trustees include Joseph Moore, Thomas Moore, William Yates, Sarah Ann Yates, Joseph Bishop, Samuel Bishop, William Bishop and George Randall. As Frances Randall died in 1869, by 1872 her share of the trust would have passed to her husband, George. The notice can be viewed here.

[23] TAHO, RGD35/1/56 Death, Launceston 1887/165 John Moore; Launceston Examiner Monday 18 April 1887, p1 (Death and Funeral notice John Moore).

[24] Frances Bishop and Sarah Ann Moore were both married at White Hills, in the Morven (now Evandale) district.

Another William Bishop was also at Franklin Village during this time. However, this was William Thomas Bishop, who married Ann Mahoney in 1853.


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