Convicts in Tasmania. Convicts in Van Diemen’s Land. Tasmanian Convict Records.

Links to resources for researching convicts in Australia.


Tasmanian Names Index

Enter your convict name, and behold.

Included are ‘Permission to Marry’ records, Conduct Records (listing who your Ancestor was assigned to during their service, their crime, etc), Indent Records (containing details of family left behind at their Native Place) and more.

Female Convicts Research Centre

A great little resource purely dedicated to female convicts who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land.  Also includes a searchable database (membership required, but joining is free).

Founders and Survivors

Can’t make out the writing on convict records?  These guys have got you sorted.

The Founders and Survivors site includes details of convicts that have been (no-doubt painstakingly) transcribed and entered into a nifty little database.  A quick search will provide a ‘consolidated view’ of all records held for a particular convict.

Great stuff.

Government Gazette 1833-1925

Along with shipping, and private property sales and leases, the Government Gazettes contained details of convicts including permission to marry approvals, announcements of tickets of leave, pardons etc. Very useful if you’ve been unable to find a record via the Tasmanian Names Index. Permission to marry notices also included where the couple was residing at the time (every little bit extra helps).

Police Gazettes 1861-1893

The Tasmania Police Gazettes covered reports of crimes and offences, arrests, absconders, missing persons, etc. Ship of arrival and age were often recorded along with a person’s name. A great resource for finding those convicts who may have disappeared or continued a life of crime.

New South Wales

State Records Authority of NSW

This site includes general information on convicts, along with a searchable database of around 140,000 names (records can be copied for you for fee).

Early Convict Index

Also available on the State Records site is a project called ‘Sentenced Beyond the Seas’.  Indent records from 1788-1801 have been digitised, and you can view digital versions online.


The Old Bailey Online

If one of your Ancestors was tried at The Old Bailey in London, you may be able to find copy of their trial record here.  A bit of digging required, but worth it.