You can’t grow a tree without resources!

There are numerous online options available to help with your own family research. Here are some of my favourites:

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Tasmanian Names Index

If your interest is Tasmanian Family History, this one is a must have in your bookmarks. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s addictive. Simply enter a name, hit ‘Search’, and you can access digitised records from the early 1800’s.  No more library trips or microfiche scrolling required!  It even has some inquest records, wills, and other ‘stuff’.

What have you got to lose (apart from hours, or even days of your life)?

The Ryerson Index

This is a free Index to death notices appearing in Australian newspapers from 1803 (Sydney Gazette) until today. Not all newspapers are included, but it’s worth a look especially for later dates (ie not yet added to Trove). The Index also includes some funeral notices, probates and obituaries.

BDM Victoria

The Index Historical Search is free to use, and if you find a birth, marriage or death result you can then purchase and immediately download an image of the original record.  Each digital record costs around $24.00 to buy.


Gravesites of Tasmania

The name really speaks for itself.  A fantastic site, with photos of headstones taken (and uploaded) by lovely people who are lovely.

I have found so many of my ancestors’ headstones through this site – if you know the burial location, you may be able to find yours too.

Carr Villa Memorial Park

This site lets you search burial records of the Carr Villa Cemetery at Kings Meadows, Tasmania.  Results include a burial location and number, and there is a map on the site that’s really hand if you wish to (and are able to) visit.


Click here for links to convict resources.

Life and Times

Trove (National Library of Australia)

I love this site, and it’s one of my most-visited.  Digitised newspapers! Snippets from the past!

It’s amazing what you can find, and so useful in helping to fill in the gaps of your research – marriage announcements, death notices, funerals, and gossip – you name it, it’s there (all you need is a bit of patience).

It really lives up to its name (Treasure Trove get it?).


Do you have your own favourites?  Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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